Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Alabama Baptist Prints Investgative Report on The Freedom Foundation, The House of God (a.k.a. Parker Community Church and Selma Community Church)


The Alabama Baptist has done an extensive (and excellent) investigative report on the Freedom Foundation, The House of God (a.k.a. Parker Community Church and Selma Community Church) and cult founder and leader Mark Duke.

The report contains six articles spanning four full-pages in the July 23rd print edition of The Baptist.

Links to the online version of the articles are provided below.

Questions continue about Freedom Foundation, House of God

Area Baptists concerned about House of God teachings

THOG’s practices concern some observers

House of God had Southern beginnings

Freedom Foundation leader comes from Southern Baptist background

Freedom Foundation leader leaves city questioning his motives, calls Baptist doctrine ‘crappy’

With more than 250,000 weekly readers, The Alabama Baptist is the most widely circulated state Baptist newspaper in the world!

As I've said in an earlier post, If you do not receive the print version of the The Alabama Baptist at your home or office - you are missing a great newspaper, and it's not just for Baptists. Each week the print edition carries spiritual news you can use - shedding light on a dark world!

Please click here to visit the Baptist's subscription page and subscribe today!

Wake up world!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mark Duke Speaks Beyond the Grave?

"I know what it’s like church to be perpetrated …just like the devil’s tried to come and get you to give up on each other …god didn’t give up on me and he sent somebody to me that wouldn’t give up on me …and god’s people need someone who won’t give up on them …the only time that I’m gonna give up is when you put that person in the grave …AND THERE’S EVEN SOMETHING IN ME THAT COULD PRAY FOR SOMEBODY IN THE GRAVE, THAT GOD COULD REST THEIR SOUL …GOD FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO – YES LORD!"
(Mark Duke, House of God cult founder and Freedom Foundation president)


Can you imagine, Mark Duke praying for somebody in the grave and God listening to him? The audio clip that accompanies this post contains more outrageous and vile blasphemy straight from the mouth of Mark Duke!

When Mark Duke says that God didn’t give up on him and that he sent somebody to him that wouldn’t give up on him, he is speaking of the false teachers and prophets Bob and Edna Stewart.

It was Bob Stewart that Mark Duke says mentored him for 13-years and it was “sister” Edna Stewart who prophesied about Mark Duke, saying that God called him His servant and that He had chosen - not just called - but chosen Mark Duke to carry a new gospel to the world.

Of course, Edna Stewart’s prophecy was a false one. Mark Duke denies the deity of Jesus Christ and he carries a gospel different from the true good news of Jesus Christ given in the Bible. According to God’s Word (Galatians 1:7 & 8) Mark Duke has perverted the gospel of Christ and is accursed – hardly a chosen one of God.

Perhaps Mark Duke means he can pray to the false god he serves to rest Bob and Edna Stewart’s souls. It won’t work though; the false god he proclaims is already doomed to suffer the same fate of these false teachers who profaned the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and encouraged Duke and many others to do the same.

Notice at the end of the clip that Mark Duke irreverently uses the words of Jesus Christ as He hung on the cross – God will not be mocked!

For me, Psalm 73 comes to mind, particularly verses 8 and 9 (They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily. They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.). And verse 27 (For, lo, they that are far from thee shall perish: thou hast destroyed all them that go a whoring from thee.)

If the followers of Mark Duke had any sense they would run from his wickedness and repent, asking the true Jesus Christ to forgive them.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are They Really Listening?

"This is what the Civil Rights Movement was all about... I WAS IN IT, I WALKED IN IT, I WAS THERE IN THE SOUTH, I KNEW THE LEADERS..." (Mark Duke, House of God cult founder and Freedom Foundation president, 2004 Parker, Colorado)

These words from Mark Duke seem pretty impressive, and in the context of the sermon in which he preached them, makes him sound like an authority on what God has for us if we just rise up and take it.

One big problem though. Mark Duke, born in 1957, would have been 6 to 8-years old during the activities of the Civil Rights Movement about which he is speaking.

With regard to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, one would hardly think that someone, who was in mid-adolescence, was "in it" and "knew the leaders" as Duke claims about himself. And for someone [Duke] who speaks with such great disdain about African-Americans from behind pulpit of his separatist and exclusivist cult, to seemingly claim this honor, is reprehensible and offensive.

Later in the same sermon Duke speaks about his going to the marches in Alabama and Mississippi and how it broke his heart because they just didn't know better. He then proceeds to talk about Fannie Lou Hamer (actually he called her Fannie Lou Harris and had to ask Gwen Brown, who was in the audience the correct name). Those schooled in the Civil Rights Movement will recognize Ms. Hamer as a pioneer and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, and particularly her work in organizing Freedom Democrats to challenge the Mississippi delegates at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. One wonders if Ms. Hamer was one of the leaders that Duke claimed “to know.”

The people who this writer has communicated with who knew Mark Duke through his teenage and young adult years don’t recall him being engrossed in the Civil Rights Movement. Mark Duke claims to know the leaders, but what one should ask is: did the leaders know him? Anyone who lived in the South during that time knew who the leaders were. What Duke is implying is that he had a relationship with them. This is doubtful; in fact it wasn’t until his life intersected with Bob and Edna Stewart (false teachers and prophets who influenced Mark Duke and other House of God cult leaders) that he seemed to develop a passion for using the verbiage of the Movement in a bizarre effort to recreate the United States Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's from a spiritual perspective.

Are followers of Mark Duke not paying attention to the lies he tells; still believing him to be a true prophet of God? I think so. Many are not listening with a critical ear because they have been told and trained not to.

One of the distinctive things that Mark Duke and his House of God cult (as well as many false and abusive spiritual movements) preach is that one needs to forget about the natural mind, to “get their mind out of it.” At the beginning of the sermon from which the audio clip that accompanies this post was taken, another one of the cult’s leaders, Jason Makaroff, is essentially telling the cult that they shouldn’t trust their own thoughts and minds. Duke carries the theme throughout the sermon.

God has created us with incredible abilities. The human mind is like nothing else in His creation, and He wants us to use it to think critically. When we give up critical thinking, we open ourselves to deception, and that is exactly what a deceiver wants.

If Mark Duke would fabricate his relationships with the leaders of the of the Civil Rights Movement it seems reasonable for one to assume that he would fabricate many other things to further his control of his followers. And he has!

Wake up and question all things!

Click the play button above to hear Mark Duke speak!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words...

If you live in the Selma area, please take a moment to check out the billboard from RADAR13 Ministries' JESUS IS GOD PROJECT™ on Broad Street near the Fire Station. I think it is across from Rose of Sharon Church. Also, check out its twin on J.L. Chestnut Blvd. between Church St. and Tremont. Jesus is GOD!

Let's pray that cult leader Mark Duke and his followers will see it and Jesus will change their hearts!

If you can't see the image above, please click here.

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