Thursday, March 5, 2009

"There's a new day coming to Selma"

"There's a new day coming to Selma, let me tell you something, if it takes our blood on that bridge again, then they'll get our blood, but we ain't gonna stop - God is with us, he has annointed us, he has called us..."
Mark Duke, President of the Freedom Foundation

Just in time for Jubilee!

Will Selma see a reenactment of historic Bloody Sunday this week, or is the real thing possible?

When I first heard these words from one the House of God's sermons from 2006, I thought they were just outlandish religious rhetoric, but with the actions of cult leader Mark Duke and his followers taking place in Selma this week, One wonders if they might not come to pass at some point.

By the sounds of his RealTalk radio show today, Duke is already encouraging and starting boycotts. And, with real threats of retaliation against those who disagree with him, one might wonder when we will see him attempting to take the streets.

Be aware Selma, be very aware...

Click the play button above to hear Mark Duke talk about "blood on the Bridge again"

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