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Mark Duke the Separatist Oppressor for Mayor?

No Eternal life for Mark Duke?

“You know what I’m gonna do next year. I’m gonna run for mayor. Yeah, that's what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna run God's campaign. How are we going to get this town, unless I have the authority to get people, they don't want to come together. But with authority, they have to come together and they need someone to bring them together… I’m not running to win, I’m running because He told me to run… If I don’t do what God tells me to do, I’m not gonna have eternal life.”
Mark Duke, President of the Freedom Foundation, April 2007

Did Mark Duke run for Selma’s Mayor in 2008 election? No!

Who told a lie here, Mark Duke or God?

Some in Selma, especially some of Selma's pastors will recognize right away that Mark Duke is lying - he told them that he had no intention of ever running for mayor. There will be the others in town who will recognize right away that he lied, because he told them that God told him to run and he didn't.

So, to answer the question: it was Mark Duke that lied. Mark Duke lies all the time. God never lies.

That Mark Duke has constantly lied about what God says is abundantly clear. But what you will hear from the audio clip is Duke's reason for wanting to run for mayor - CONTROL - "How else can we get this town... Unless I have the authority... They don't want to come together... But with authority they have to come together."

Be certain that you understand what Duke means by "they don't want to come together;" he isn't talking about racial reconciliation, he is talking about his Spiritual Rights Movement. He is talking about using authority to bring them [the people of Selma] together under one religious view - his!

In the audio clip that accompanies this post you will hear a lot of outrageous stuff, and if you listen closely, you can discern a lot about Mark Duke’s cultic teachings as well.

You will hear him say that Jesus Christ had eternal life because he did God's will.

WRONG! Jesus is eternal; He is God.

Mark Duke believes and teaches that Jesus is not God.

You will hear Duke talk about one of his members, someone named Jill, who was apparently worried about coming to Selma - Duke tells her that it's not her place to worry about it - to get her mind out of it. This is a main teaching of Duke and the House of God cult - don't use your natural mind, listen to what God is telling you through the "ministry," the House of God's cult leadership.

You will hear Mark Duke's preaching and teaching method on full display - have your Bible and Synonym Finder handy.

When Duke teaches there is always a synonym finder handy to expand on God's word. You'll hear him talk about the word temporal (from 2 Corinthians 4:18), and its synonyms, you will even hear him change the word to temporize and get the synonyms for it too. Literally, within mere seconds, Mark Duke has taken what God really says to us in his Holy Word and turns to other words that have no clear connection with the original meaning or intent or language. This allows Duke to twist God's Word to suit his own devious thoughts and desires.

You will hear Duke talk about Selma's corruption, and how Selma needs someone without an ego; him!

Okay, stop laughing and keep reading:

Duke says what his campaign might be, "You don't even have to pay the mayor... you think that'll get some people's attention... It will get the black folks attention, I know that." (his audience laughs)

I wonder why a mayor not taking a salary would get the attention of the "black folks." What about the white folks, or the Hispanic folks, or the Asian folks, what about all the folks. This is just another example of Mark Duke separating out African-Americans. His sermons are laced with this kind of racist speech.

You will hear Mark Duke say Selma is like the movie gladiator, and call all of the candidates for mayor (James Perkins, Jr., George Evans, Louis Dixon, and John Jowers) "yahoos" and say that "none of them, NONE OF THEM are spirit filled."

I'm sure you will pick out a few other things too.

In closing, let me talk briefly about Religious Oppression:

Mark Duke and his followers speak a lot, particularly on their Selma radio talk show Real Talk™, about Religious Oppression. However, no Christian Church in the Selma area has ever turned Duke or his followers away. And I have never heard any Christian in Selma say that they shouldn't be allowed to worship in any Church. I have said that Church leaders in Selma should not let them be in positions of leadership where they can teach their twisted and aberrant doctrines.

But, Mark Duke and his ilk, particularly his radio partner Ronald Smith, seem to want to take religious oppression to new extremes. In the week leading up to Jubilee and the reenactment of Bloody Sunday, Mark Duke threatened a well-respected local pastor with marches by a group calling themselves the Concerned Citizens of Selma. Ronald Smith (along with several others, including a worker from the Dallas County Court) visited the same pastor urging him to change his mind about me speaking at his Church that coming Sunday evening. Duke and Smith and the Dallas County Court worker also visited a business that same week threatening some of its employees who don't agree with Duke and the Freedom Foundation. On their radio show the next day they made threats of boycotts and going door to door - very scary stuff.

What Mark Duke and Ronald Smith were trying to accomplish was stopping me from worshipping in Selma on Bloody Sunday - RELIGIOUS OPPRESSION PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

All of Mark Duke's and Ronald Smith's talk of unity in Selma is bunk. Mark Duke is a religious separatist that wants everyone to follow his way or else, and both he and Ronald Smith are religious oppressors of the highest order.

Very soon, Selma will hear these two oppressors talk about racial matters, trying to take the light off of themselves - don't fall for it for a minute. They practiced their religious oppression for one reason and one reason alone - they don't want anyone who disagrees with them to have a public voice.

Here are a few synonyms for oppression - they fit the Freedom Foundation and the House of God cult and maybe even the new Selma Community Church to a tee:

abuse, abusiveness, Affliction, autocracy, brutality, calamity, coercion, compulsion, conquering, control, cruelty, despotism, dictatorship, domination, dullness, extortion, fascism, force, forcibleness, hardness, hardship, harshness, injury, injustice, iron-fist, lassitude, maltreatment, martial law, misery, opposition, overthrowing, persecution, severity, subduing, subjection, suffering, torment, tyranny...

Wake up Selma!

Click the play button above to hear Mark Duke Speak It!

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  1. Thank you Allan for another great audio clip exposing this guy. Lord, we petition you to set the captives free that are involved in this other gospel. Please Lord free our city from all false prophets and those who seek to profit on the pains of the past.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. That Mark Duke is so good. You've got to trust him. Hell! He must be right. He doesn't pollute his ideas with his own temporal or carnal thoughts. He just does what God tells him. What a nice fellow. He doesn't think! Actually, on second thoughts (oops there I go - thinking), don't we help people like him with the National Institute of Mental Health?

  3. Does anyone know how I may contact Ronald Smith? He has an 18 year delinquent child support case here in Texas. College cost do not seem to be decreasing; we could use some help. Please report him to:

    please contact unit 706 directly at 4001 E 29th St, Suite 102, Bryan, Texas 77805-5700,

    phone number: 979/823-0080.

    Thank you and God bless!


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