Friday, May 1, 2009

Mark Duke Says Jesus Day should be called Devil Day!

“…Were' having Jesus day, should call it like Devil day is what they should call it. National Prayer Day, what’s getting done? …and they’re praying all over the country with no faith … Gods not moving, God is not moving, not through those prayers, so why we gonna do that. We not gonna pay homage…”
Mark Duke, President of the Freedom Foundation, April 2007

One wonders whether Mark Duke and his new Church (Selma Community Church) will participate in the Jesus Day festivities on Sunday May 3rd, when many people in Selma gather to honor the Savior. If they do, it would be the height of hypocrisy since he wants to call it Devil Day.

One should also wonder if he will participate in the National Day of Prayer (Thursday May 7th) activities, particularly the prayer times at Selma City Hall.

If anyone sees Duke or his not so merry band of followers at either one of these events, they should remind him or them of his words.

The final part of the audio clip that accompanies this post is very interesting – you will hear Duke again refer to running for mayor of Selma, but listen closely to this short clip. If Selma wants change, they better elect one (Mark Duke): “…you elect this black guy, you’ll get the same thing …this redneck he’s running, the blacks ain’t gonna vote for him anyway. IF HE DON’T WANT A BLACK IN THERE, HE BEST VOTE FOR ME AND JOIN UP!

When I started writing this post, I was going to start it by saying “here is more outrageous statements by Mark Duke,” but the reality is, this type of hate-filled, anti-Christian and racist bile is not outrageous for Duke, it’s typical (and so is the laughter of his followers)!


Click the play button above to hear Mark Duke Speak It!

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  1. Very INTERESTING, because Mark Duke and the Freedom Foundation (or at least its choir) participated in Jesus Day the past two years. Duke even spoke at one of them and said that Selma needed Jesus. At the time, we just didn't know his Jesus was different from our Jesus.

  2. Who made Mark Duke the judge and jury of if God is moving when people pray?

    How does he know if God is moving or not? Is he refering to specific instances?

    How does he judge if a person is praying with our without faith? Is that not between the persn praying and God?

    I am confused on this issue for sure.

    I think that I can see God moving every day on the prayers of believers with Faith. God is God and he says he hears the prayers, but it must be deemed from this tape snip that the FF/Hog are the only TRUE prayers and if so, how is God moving those Pilgrams?

    Just curious?

  3. Mark Duke is what the Bible takes about in the last days this will come deceivers in the name of Jesus. If we really know Jesus as our Savior we will not be deceived. If we hide the word of God in our hearts we will overcome this false teacher. He(Mark Duke) hates Jesus and his Church. Lets not give him any public exposure. Revival is the answer. Lets have a good one. He want be able to stand that.


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