Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They's Two (maybe more?) of 'Em!

Freedom Foundation chairperson, and live-in "spiritual partner" to House of God cult founder and leader Mark Duke; was quoted by the Alabama Baptist newspaper in a recent article as follows:

"Shawn Samuelson, spokeswoman for Freedom Foundation, said Duke was originally a leader in House of God but stepped down when he moved to Selma."

Samuelson's statement that Duke was "originally a leader in the House of God," is a gross understatement if what Mark Duke says is true.

The House of God cult's founding document "The Declaration of a New Covenant" says that Duke "received a vision to restore God's church." It also says that this all happened after Duke met and was mentored by Bob and Edna Stewart, two people the House of God revere as much as the prophets of the Bible. It was Edna Stewart who falsely prophesied that Duke would be the one to restore God's Church. Hardly just a "...leader in the House of God who stepped down when he moved to Selma."

Additionally, in sermons before and after he moved some of his cult followers to Selma, Duke says that they brought the Church to Selma, all the while lying to the people of Selma saying that there was no House of God there.

The article goes on to quote Samuelson saying: "Noting that Duke was out of town until May 15 and could not be reached for comment, Samuelson confirmed she is one of two “spiritual partners” that lives in the house with Duke and his wife. But “we do not have a sexual relationship.”

I don't know why the subject of a sexual relationship came up, but one might assume that the writer(s) asked that question of Samuelson when they discussed Duke having a "spiritual partner," but even I was shocked when I saw Samuelson say that there were two spiritual partners. Perhaps Duke is simply poly-platonic!

Of course all of this leads to even more questions:

1. Why is Duke and his not-so-merry band of followers there in Selma so adamant in trying to distance themselves from the House of God?

2. If Duke took Shawn Samuelson as his spiritual partner when he was a "leader" in the House of God, why did she move to Selma and continue to live with him and his wife Becky, whom God supposedly told him to stay legally married?

3. Why would Duke's "spiritual partner(s)" have to physically live with him?

4. Why would God tell Duke that he should stay "legally" married to his wife Becky in the context of explaining to his followers that he was moving Shawn Samuelson into their family.

5. Are all of Duke's live-in spiritual partners women, or is he bi-platonic too?


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